Port url:


Installing Streaming TV Now Using Downloader (Fire TV)

All apps: 43359 OR apps.stn.ltd

Smarters Version: 46771 OR sp.stn.ltd

XC Version: 39130 OR xc.stn.ltd

Tivimate: 54157 OR tvm.stn.ltd (You’ll need the port: http://stnlive.ltd:25461)

Vodflix: 93062 OR vod.stn.ltd

Cinema Premium: 57708 OR cp.stn.ltd

Installing Streaming TV Now Using a Smart TV

Direct installation on a smart tv will vary. Our preferred app is DuplexPlay. Search your smart tv’s app store for DuplexPlay. You will receive a device id and key. You will need to visit https://edit.duplexplay.com/ and enter your device id and device key and manage device. Once logged in, select XC Playlist. You will need to enter your app username and password found on the my account page and the port url/host http://stnlive.ltd:25461. You will not need to enter a url for the epg. 

Installing Streaming TV Now Using iPhone/iPad


url link: http://stnlive.ltd:25461

Installing Streaming TV Now Using Android

Installation for android devices vary. Below are general instructions and may not be specific for your device.

Android installation:

  1. Turn on apps from unknown sources in your phone settings.
  2. Launch your web browser from your device and go to this page (streamingtvnow.com/video-tutorials).
  3. Click here and you should see a list of apps.
  4. Open the app after the download is complete. 
  5. Enter you login credentials.

Invalid Login Fix

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